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The town of Tomar, situated about 100 kilometres from Lisbon Airport and the Spanish border, is the heart of the country and the soul of historic Portugal.The original medieval town was born inside the walls of the castle, built in 1160 by Gualdim Pais, the fourth master of the order of the Temple (Knights Templars).Tomar is a cultural and tourist centre of international standing, of which the historic and architectural nucleus is the Templars Castle and the Convent of Christ. The town embraces it’s past and reveals frequently with a variety of festivals devoted to times and beliefs gone by. Most notably of all festivals held in Tomar is the Festa dos Tabuleiros, which is held once every four years. The historic centre and the Festival of Trays, unique in the world, are the most important features.The present historical centre grew under the protection of the powerful Order of the Knights of Christ, the material and spiritual heir of the defunct Order of the Templars or out of devotion to the HolyQueen in the 14th Century – when the Order of Christ was founded.